The Post-Arcadia Conference: January–May 1942

The Post-Arcadia Conference: January–May 1942

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The Post-Arcadia Conference: January–May 1942 Details

Only nine days after the Arcadia Conference (also known as the First Washington Conference) was held in Washington, DC, the Combined Chiefs of Staff (CCS) again convened for a series of twenty meetings between January 23 and May 19, 1942. All of these meetings were held in Washington, DC.

During these meetings, the CCS focused on the situation in the Southwest Pacific area known as the American-British-Dutch-Australian (ABDA) area, which included Burma; support of Chinese Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-Shek; and the possibility of a German attack on England. The use of US Army and Navy aviation against Japan was also discussed. In addition to the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and the British Chiefs of Staff Committee, some of these CCS meetings were attended by members of Allied and Commonwealth countries when issues relating to their national interests were considered.

The Post-Arcadia Conference was the second in a series of high-level conferences held in Washington, DC; Casablanca; Quebec; Cairo; Tehran; Malta; Yalta; and Potsdam to formulate the Allied grand strategy. At the Tehran, Yalta, and Potsdam conferences, the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin was also in attendance and played an important role.

ISBN: 9780160938900 (Mobi) and ISBN: 9780160938917 (PDF) are companion digital formats to this product and are also available for free download.    The entire World War II Inter-Allied Conferences series consists of these products available for free download:
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