Information Cloud

Information Cloud

By Peter James West

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  • Release Date: 2014-10-28
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  • Developer: Peter James West
  • App Ratings: 4/5 (82 App Reviews)
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Score Ratings: 4
Based on 82 App Reviews

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Review headlines:

'Solid start to an epic sci-fi series'

'An amazing page turner!'

'Well Worth the Read.'

Tales of Cinnamon City is a Science fiction and fantasy series set in the rich, deep world of Megarothia. Information Cloud is the first novel in the series, mixing elements of military science fiction, military fantasy, and hi-tech action.

On a world called Megarothia, a world governed by powerful war lords, the people grow restless in a thriving metropolis known as Cinnamon City. They live their lives under the protection of the Dome Shield, safe from the ravaged world outside. History fades when blood runs dry. The Iridium Wars have long since been forgotten, but the world has not forgotten them. 

Rachel works for Central Command, the governing body of Cinnamon City. She helps keep order on the streets when she's not fighting the Kamari. The insurgents have become increasingly bold in the last few months, launching ever more violent attacks on the outlying stations. Kamari agents have even been seen in the city, though nobody knows what they hope to achieve. 

There's something different about Rachel. Rumours of her strange abilities are spreading throughout the towers. She tries to blend in with the other soldiers but the more she tries to go unnoticed the more she stands out.

When Commander Nick Chambers receives a tip off about the possible location of a new Kamari HQ, Rachel joins a task force to investigate, but not everything goes to plan. Their forces are ambushed and the battle quickly spirals out of control. 

A dark power is rising. Lord Hades must face his darkest hour. Will Rachel learn to face the unpleasant truth about herself before it's too late? 

Trouble brews in the city as the battle of Havers Compound intensifies. Backed into a corner, Rachel finds her choices disappearing one by one.


5 Stars: Carol, South Africa
What's great book! I do not normally enjoy post apocalyptic stories, but I really could not class this as one. It was more of a futuristic view of the future. Technology, food, security for The people and otherwise pretty normal lives for most citizens, except those of the security forces. The book started with a run, then slowed briefly to introduce important new characters and then blitzed away again. The characters were well developed and either like-able or extremely hateful, which made for an exciting read, rooting for your favourites. The book was well written and flowed seamlessly from one chapter to the next, making it impossible to put down at any point. The technology created in the book for the battles was mind boggling and frightening. The human is capable of terrible cruelties towards what they consider lesser beings. I am really looking forward to the next book. Really hope I don't have to wait too long. I really need to know what happens next!!!

5 Stars: Richard, Alaska
I'm always on the lookout for good sci-fi books, and I'm often disappointed by the droves of poor sci-fi out there. Which is why I was delighted to discover Information Cloud. It's an amazing page-turner which brings believable people and storyline to a fantastic science fiction universe (which is my definition of good science fiction).

If you're a fan of sci-fi (or war novels) I would highly recommend this book. I eagerly look forward to the next one.

More review Headlines:

'A Fresh Voice.'

'Great Book for Sci-Fi Lovers!'

Multiple Threads Weave Together to Form a Breathtaking Ride.'


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